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quarzite gialla

History: quarzite gialla quartz is the one of the most abundant minerals, second only to feldspars. About 12% of the mass of the earth's crust is made of quartz. Among the reasons for its abundance are:  its stability in a wide pressure and temperature range and its chemical and physical resistance to weathering Once it has formed and appeared at the surface, it will only slowly weather away, if at all. Most of the weathering is due to physical forces: changes in temperature, erosion, cracking by ice-wedges, and grinding. today quarzite gialla quartz is used for decorative purposes and among many other things.

Supply: we can offer this material in slabs, blocks,and tiles.

tiles: Any size (60x60)(30x30)(20x20)... (We can customize on request.)

thickness: Any thickness

Finishing: we can offer polished, honed finishing.

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