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pietra forte colombino 2 colori

History: natural sandstone is believed to be the youngest of the quartz-based stones, such that each stone has a different level of porosity, hardness and compressive strength. Its texture is noteworthy and the medium sized grains are all of the same size.The color of sandstone is variable and depends upon the composition of the binding material, and therefore varies from red, brown, greenish, yellow, gray and white. pietra forte colombino 2 colori sandstones is suitable for both domestic and commercial use. It is highly acclaimed for its natural beauty, that makes it useful for interior as well as exterior decoration. Because of its architectural properties, pietra forte colombino 2 colori sandstones is found suitable medium that is used to clad walls and floors and churn out an enamoring range of handcrafted artifacts such as garden ornaments, sculptures and other decorative items.

Supply: we can offer this material in slabs, blocks,and tiles.

tiles: Any size (60x60)(30x30)(20x20)... (We can customize on request.)

thickness: Any thickness

Finishing: we can offer polished, honed finishing.

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